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Best Al-Quran, Imsak Alarm and Prayer Times Apps Android 2024

With the Al-Quran, Imsak Alarm, and Prayer Times applications on smartphones, we can take advantage of superior features to prepare better for Ramadan 2024. You need to Download, Open or Install this application to make optimal use of it in welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 2024!

The holy month of Ramadan has arrived, a blessed time for Muslims around the world to increase their worship and draw closer to Allah. To maximize your prayer experience during this holy month, many developers have created innovative apps for the Holy Quran, Imsak Alarms, and Prayer Times.

Among the many applications available, some are particularly noteworthy. For Ramadan 2024, some of the best Quran, Imsak and Prayer Time apps on Android Play Store.

1. Muslim Muna

The Muslim Muna application features a clean design and easy-to-use interface. Equipped with a digital Quran, an accurate constipation alarm, and a prayer timer that automatically adapts to the user's location, Muslim Muna helps Muslims pray more easily.

The app is available on play store: Muslim Muna
  • Main features: Translation of the Quran, prayer times, daily prayers including Azan, Imsak notifications.
  • Benefits: Simple design and easy to use, Holy Quran audio mutals are available from various readers.

2. Muslim Expert

Known as an app that offers various features to improve Islamic knowledge and practice, 'Muslim Expert' not only provides digital reminders of the Quran and Imsak, but also provides useful Islamic articles, lectures, and courses. Masu. This is an ideal option for those who want to further their religious knowledge.

The app is available on play store: Muslim Expert
  • Main features: Translation of the Quran, prayer times with notifications for Azan, Imsak, daily prayers, a complete guide to Islam and the Muslim community.
  • Benefits: Provides complete and informative features, guides on various aspects of Islam, allowing the Muslim community to share information and experiences.

3. Sajda: Muslim Prayer Azan

Sajda is a comprehensive application that not only provides the text of the Holy Quran and Imsakah Alert, but also provides complete instructions for performing the prayers. Equipped with animation features that help users understand the prayer movements correctly, Prostration becomes a faithful companion in the daily worship journey.

The app is available on play store: Sajda: Muslim Prayer Azan
  • Main features: Quran translation, prayer times with daily adhan, imsak and prayer reminders, map of nearby mosques, prayer time reminders.
  • Benefits: Modern and intuitive design, customizable prayer time reminders, and accurate mosque maps.

4. Azan Time Pro

Azan Time Pro application is characterized by high accuracy in determining prayer times and imsak alarms. This application uses the latest technology to ensure users get the correct prayer time according to their location. The simple design makes it easy to use for any group.

The app is available on play store: Azan Time Pro
  • Main features: Daily Azan, Imsak, Prayer time with prayer reminders, different options of Azan sounds, Hijri calendar.
  • Benefits: Focuses on accurate prayer times and diverse selection of azan sounds, suitable for users seeking a simple and effective application.

5. Muslim Pro

One of his most popular Islamic apps, Muslim Pro not only provides digital alarms for the Quran and Imsaq, but also features features such as fasting guide, dhikr guide, and qibla direction map. With millions of users around the world, Muslim Pro is a powerful choice to support your daily prayers.

The app is available on play store: Muslim Pro
  • Main features: Translation of the Quran, prayer times with daily Adhan, Imsak, prayer reminders, map of nearby mosques, Muslim community, Ramadan support features such as Ramadan calendar and prayer guide.
  • Benefits: Rich and useful features, attractive design, and active Muslim community.


For Ramadan 2024, Android users can choose any of the above apps to improve the quality of their prayers. We hope these applications will help Muslims to formally perform their prayers and receive rich blessings in this holy month.

Each application has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the app that suits your needs. For a more optimal Ramadan experience, consider apps that offer complete Quran functionality, accurate prayer times, and Ramadan support features such as a Ramadan calendar and prayer guide.